MUNA®— means to think differently.

We design furniture for those who start learning — for those our future depends on.

MUNA® —a young Russian manufacturer of children's furniture. We are developing rapidly, and have our own production with full technological cycle. Yet at the product design stage, we've made an important strategic decision: not to focus on conservative methods of existing domestic producers. We chose a different path, and we were right.

We are confident of the quality of our products.

When producing children's furniture it is very important to consider the characteristics of the materials used. We select only safe, light and durable components.

All items of MUNA®are very easy to assemble.

They are like construction kits, which children can build with their parents, and then play together. Each piece of MUNA® can give their holders as many joyful emotions as those put in their development.

We design furniture, which our own children will be happy with.